Exact 8 Steps: How To Add Admin to Facebook Group

how to add admin to facebook group

Today, one of the students in a digital marketing class asked me about how to add admin to Facebook group? 

I did not expect that anybody would ask such a question about how to add admin to Facebook group.

It’s very simple. Am I right?

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But let me tell you that it is not as simple as I expected. Facebook has evolved a lot since its inception in the year 2008. 

Right now Facebook has more than 2.45 billion users worldwide and continuously updates and adds new features and products on its list to remain top in the market.  

Due to regular updates sometimes it becomes tough for common people to understand its basic features.

Keeping this in mind, I have decided to help those billion people who find it hard to add admin to Facebook group. 

So, let us begin and see how we can add admin to Facebook group step by step. In addition to this, I will also show you how to remove admin from my Facebook group permanently.

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What’s In It For Me?

Here you would be able to learn 3 new things. These are:

  • What is Facebook Group?
  • How To Add Admin To Facebook Group.
  • How To Remove Admin From My Faceb.

Before going into detail on how to add admin to Facebook group, it is essential to understand what is Facebook group? 

So, let us understand first, and then we will proceed later to understand how we can add admin to a Facebook group.

What is Facebook Group?

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I can not recall the exact date and time when the Facebook group was launched but I started using the Facebook group in 2014.

It was so amazing that I fell in love with this feature because it gives a common platform for people to come together around a similar topic to post, discuss, and express their feelings. It is so nice to share thoughts and get Facebook likes, comments and shares on that content. 

Let me tell you, anyone who has an active Facebook profile can create a Facebook group. A person on Facebook who creates a group becomes an admin by default and has the power to add, delete, or remove anybody. 

Group admin has all the rights to review and delete the posts, if they find it, it is against the group policy.

To be honest, creating a Facebook group is very easy but it becomes tough to handle and maintain the group as an admin when the users grow gradually. The problem arises when we try to add admin to other users.

So, In this article, I have only focused on letting you know how to add admin to Facebook group in detail.

So, let us now see the step by step process of adding new admin to a Facebook group.

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Quick Steps: How To Add Admin To Facebook Group

  1. STEP 1: Login to your Facebook account.
    Give your login id and password and click to login.

  2. STEP 2: Go to the extreme left side of your Facebook home page and look for the “Explore” section. Under “Explore” section you will find the “Group Icon” . Just click the “Groups” icon.

    how to add admin to facebook group
  3. STEP 3: Now you would need to click on the group for which you are an admin.
    Note: You can only add admin when you are already the admin of a group, otherwise you will not be able to add anyone as an admin.

    Being Bloggers

  4. STEP 4: As I am one of the admins on a group named “Being Bloggers”, So, I clicked the group to add an admin for the group “Being Bloggers”.

  5. STEP 5: Now click on “Members”. The member of a group will show you how many members a particular group has. It shows the name of the members in an alphabetical pattern.

    Facebook Group members

  6. STEP 6: Now, click on the 3 dots (…), on any of the group members you want to make an admin. When you will click those three dots you will get options such as “Make Admin”, “Make Moderator”, “Pre-approved Posts”, “Remove from group”, and “Mute Member”.

    As in this article, we are learning about how to add admin to Facebook group. So we will click to “Make Admin”  to make that group member as an admin.

    how to add admin on facebook group

  7. STEP 7: Click to “Make Admin” You will get a popup which will say, if that person accepts an invitation, he or she will be able to edit group settings, remove members, and give other members admin status.

    Note: While choosing an admin, select a trustworthy person whom you believe otherwise never makes an admin to someone whom you do not trust.

    how to add admin on Facebook group-2

  8. STEP 8: At last send an invitation and wait for that person confirmation. If that person confirms your invitation then he/she will have full permission to edit the group setting, add, remove members and give other members admin status.

Note: if, unknowingly you have added some as an admin of your Facebook group. Then follow the given below steps to remove him/her as an admin.

How To Remove Admin From My Facebook Group

Follow the given below steps:

STEP 1: Click the group. Here I am again clicking to “Being Bloggers” as I am an admin

STEP 2:  Go to the “Member” tab.

STEP 3: You will see the list of admins and moderators on the right. Just click the three dots(…) and click the button “Remove As Admin”.

remove facebook admin

Step 4: For security purposes, Facebook will ask you to enter your Facebook Id password. Enter the password and then hit the “Submit” button and then click “OK at last. 

Finally, that particular group member will be removed as an admin.

Final Word

I hope you have found the article on how to add admin to Facebook group easy and interesting. Follow the exact 8 steps to add admin to your Facebook group. 

Not only can you add multiple admins, but you can also create a moderator and editor as well.

Note: Please be part of our Facebook group “Being Bloggers” and let us learn and grow together.

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