What is AdMob and How it works?

what is admob

What Is AdMob?

If you have a mobile app and would like to monetize it, then AdMob is the best platform that you can use to earn money. This advertising platform works wonders for both android and IOS.

What’s In It For Me?

In this article, you would be able to understand What is AdMob exactly and what are its features and benefit. So let us begin and understand in detail.

How AdMob Works?

For example, think from a user perspective, when you are browsing an app, and you see an ad, when do you tend to click on it? Only when it is relevant, right? So it’s crucial from an advertiser and publisher perspective to deliver ads that are very relevant to a user. To give you an example, if I am browsing through a travel application and I want to book tickets from Kolkata to Chennai.

So I would check the fare, date, and timing and then I decide not to buy for some reason after I move on to a dating application. By browsing through the dating application, if I see an ad from this same travel app talking about the discounted price from Kolkata to Delhi, it may grab my attention. That is something I am interested in and is relevant to me. So, if I click on it, you as a publisher of the app would earn money from the click. So it’s crucial to deliver ads that are relevant that is what Google technology does. It shows relevant ads to the right users.

Features and benefits of AdMob

what is admob and how it works
what is admob

For any mobile apps business, it is essential to track users, revenue, and click-through rate. AdMob, with its advanced reporting feature and filters, makes it very easy and straightforward.

The other thing is that to maximize reach, and if you have built an excellent application, it’s important to reach the right users. People can find your app easily, especially considering the kind of competition that’s out there, so think of the top-rated app, it became popular for a reason because UX is excellent, and people find it very engaging. So it is vital to building a quality app but it also very important that people can find your application. So discoverability, maximizing downloads, maximizing revenue is something else that you need to keep in mind when you are building an apps business.

The other thing is about Admob is that not only it allows you to monetize your application, but you can also use it to promote your apps as an advertiser. That is if you want to showcase your apps on other people’s applications, you can use AdMob.

How to monetize the apps using AdMob

If you are an app developer and you need to figure out how you are going to make money out of it, you need certain monetization options. So mostly, there are four ways to monetize an application. These are:

Paid Model

It means that your app is out and out paid and if a user wants to download it and use it, then they have to first make a payment through the play store or any other apps store.

Freemium Model

If you have a mobile app like a game that has about 100 levels, you make the first 10 levels completely free. So from a user perspective, it is more effective because I download the application and test out the first 10 stages. If I think it is an engaging app and I want to play the next 90 levels too, and I would make a payment of 1 dollar or 2 dollars whatever you define so that I can get access to the rest of the levels. So as a user, I am getting the sense of what a game is. I know what I am paying for so for me it’s value for money, so it’s easier to make the payment.

In our purchases Model

In our purchase is a model where you buy something within the app while you are engaging with it. If it’s a game, you can pay for the booster, or if it’s a social app you can pay for the additional features which may not be otherwise available.

In-app advertising

It is also one of the popular models is In-App Advertising. It is entirely a free app, and you monetize it by placing ads that are both relevant to the user and also engaging. So this where AdMob comes in. It helps you to monetize by placing ads in your existing application. So advertising is an easy way to offset development costs.

If you have an app out in the market, and you are working on the second one you need some sort of revenue coming in the right because AdMob is just plugin play it’s effortless to work around and revenue scale as you grow because if you have only 10 downloads your reach is limited but as you from 100 downloads to 10000 to a million your user base is growing more and more people are engaging with the ads, and they tend to click on more on such ads and get paid even more.

So revenue is definitely would scale, and you would make more and more revenue as you grow. And since it is such a simple product, you can start earning revenue right away. So as soon as you create an account and implement SDK ads would start showing on your mobile application.

How AdMob Works?

First of all, you would need to create an account, and you need to provide necessary information like your username, billing address and specify the kind of app which you have built whether it is an android app or IOS or windows and after that it allows you to download the STK. Once you have integrated the STK in your mobile application, ads would start showing instantly.

How would you start making revenue?

Your app is uploaded in the play store, for instance, I as a user browse through it, I think it is exciting, and I download it. After downloading, I would launch the application, and once I am engaging with it, I would start seeing ads on the bottom or top where ever you choose to place them. If I think it is exciting or something which I want to look at I would click on the ad, as soon as I click on it, you get paid.


Admob is an unmatched reach in scale. That means not only it supports android; it also supports IOS and Windows. Also, you can reach advertisers from across the globe had to access your application.

So if an advertiser sitting in the US, UK, or Australia and thinks your app is exciting or it’s popular in their country, they can choose to target your mobile application, and you can make much money within. So you can start making money from AdMob right away, all you have to do is to sign up for the account, download and integrate the SDK and that it’s simple is that. I hope the article “What Is Admob” was helpful and let’s start making money from the AdMob right away.

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